Europeans Seek Investment in Miami Real Estate

by Isaac Benmergui, Esq on September 14, 2012

Uncertainty in the Euro Zone has caused more Europeans to look across the pond to the warm beaches of Miami for their real estate investments. In the past four months, Miami brokers have witnessed an influx of real estate investors from France and Italy, who are keenly interested in properties in Miami Beach and downtown Miami.

Experts credit the increase in European buyers to the instability in the Euro and the uncertainty in investments overseas. Investors are hopefully the sunny location and beautiful beaches of Miami will help their investments grow, or at least retain, value. Prices for Miami homes are bargains compared to homes in large cities throughout the world. Realtors are routinely seeing Europeans buying high-end properties, frequently paying more than $1 million with close to 90 percent of the homes bought with cash.

The multi-cultural aspects of Miami are also attracting buyers from England, Sweden, Russia, Germany, Spain and Switzerland. Italians and Russians are often owner-users; Swedish and German buyers like to buy multi-investment properties of fourplexes and duplexes.

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