In 30 Days State of Florida Could Own Coconut Grove Playhouse

by Isaac Benmergui, Esq on September 17, 2012

The State of Florida has given the Coconut Grove Playhouse one last chance to get its house in order, or the State will reclaim the property in 30 days. The deputy secretary of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection has sent a letter to playhouse board chair Shelly Spivack alerting her of the state’s deadline.


Back in 2004, the state gave playhouse ownership to the board with the caveat that it remain an operational theater. The playhouse closed in 2006 due to mounting debt, which allows the state to take it back. One Playhouse board member thinks the deadlines might give the board and its creditors the impetus for cutting a deal.

Playhouse Crumbling After Years of Neglect

Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Giminez isn’t hopeful. He’s been trying for months to resolve the situation to no avail and now believes reclaiming ownership of the property is “probably the best course of action.” The playhouse could be used by a state university, state college, or local government as a surplus property. One piece of encouraging news is that Miami-Dade County has earmarked $20 million for the restoration of the building. In its current state, the building is unkept and crumbling, and vandals and burglars have left their mark on the inside.

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