Choosing the Right Miami Condo Building to Fit Your Lifestyle

by Isaac Benmergui, Esq on October 12, 2012

The difference between the right building and the wrong building could mean the difference between a sanctuary and the place you call home, but would rather avoid at all costs. You want a place that fits your lifestyle. If you prefer peace and quiet, you probably don’t want a nightclub next door to you. With all the beautiful buildings and beautiful amenities that each building offers, how do you choose?

Use the following as a handy checklist as you start your search for your perfect abode:

  • What is the building close to? Is walking or biking more to your liking than taking a car everywhere?  Do you want your bank, shopping and entertainment close by? Miami can be a noisy town so make certain you won’t be distracted by noise, or you have access to public transportation if needed. Whatever you want to be close to, or away from, there’s a building for it, in Miami.
  • What type of neighbors do you want? Do you prefer the senior crowd or the younger set? Does it even matter to you? Make certain you’re surrounded by the type of people you’ll want as neighbors.
  • What amenities are offered in the building? Do you want a pool, a gym, sundeck, or party room? Also make certain you know the monthly fee for those amenities. If you’re paying for extras you never use, that might not be the building for you.
  • What are the association bylaws and how strict are they? Can you work within the guidelines or do you think you might have a tendency to always “be in trouble” with the association because of a guideline you can’t meet?

 Getting Legal Help

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