Golf Course Views Going Away in Miami-Dade

by Isaac Benmergui, Esq on December 7, 2012

When is a golf course view not a golf course view? When it turns into something else when the golf course disappears. You don’t have to play the game to enjoy the view from your Miami backyard of perfectly manicured lawns flanked by a few trees or water hazards, but when that view vanishes and you’re left staring at a neighbor’s rusty barbecue grill, lawnchairs and a swing set, your enjoyment might end at the property line.

Miami-Dade golf course owners are looking for ways to recoup some of their losses, due in part to the falling interest in the game and the economic conditions in the country. Developing their vast properties seems a fitting way to make some of their money back. Homeowners, whose properties flank the golf course, want to be compensated for the loss to their property values when the rolling hills turn into a home-dotted horizon.

Recently the Calusa County Club in South Dade offered property owners $50,000 each to permit development of the property. Not enough of the property owners accepted the offer so the company that owns the course put up a metal fence and a hedge, closing off the view. Upkeep on the course has now fallen off and residents claim it’s going to seed. This is not a new fight in the golfing industry, several courses throughout Miami-Dade as well as across the country have closed and new developments taken their place.

Florida has the most golf courses of any state, more than 1,100 in total. The Calusa golf course closed last year, and the owners are seeking to build a 960-unit retirement community on the land. The deed to the property states that 75 percent of the surrounding homeowners must agree on any redevelopment. The standoff between the course owner and homeowners is currently playing out in court.

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