Oldest Homes in Miami Beach Face Choice, Tear Down or Preserve

by Isaac Benmergui, Esq on February 14, 2013

MiamiPreservationists view Miami Beach’s pre-WWII properties as treasures designed by Miami’s early architects as viewed as structures to be saved from tear down and redevelopment. Collectors want the homes to be restored to their original, glamorous beginnings.

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The “Million Dollar Sandbar” area boasts properties with picturesque waterways in the multi-million dollar range. City planners say 20 of the area’s homes have been slated for demolition as buyers and owners would prefer to construct new custom homes rather than to restore the existing structures. Five years ago, only 13 properties were deemed demolition approved.

Preservationists have vowed to go door-to-door, if necessary, as a means for convincing owners to retain the look and feel of the previous century’s architecture. Some homeowners see the efforts as trying to make their homes into museums instead of homes for families. One recent case of preservationists versus homeowner is that of a “Real Housewife of Miami” and her husband, owners of a 1925 neoclassical home on the waterfront. The case is still pending.

In order to replace an existing home with a large replacement home, proof of “good” cause” to demolish the original home must be shown and unless the home has been designated as “historic,” a permit will be issued.

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