How Lebron and the Miami Heat Drive the Downtown Real Estate

by Isaac Benmergui, Esq on March 24, 2013

money puzzleLebron and the Heat are hot and heating up the downtown Miami real estate market. Analysts believed James would have an effect on the market when he came to town several years ago, and they were right. He’s helps the Heat sell out every home game and immediately after he signed with the team, season tickets sold out.

With James’ starpower and the championship team of the Miami Heat, downtown Miami is in the spotlight more often now with wider TV coverage and more exposure for the City’s attributes. With every game, the city is showcased, and the buzz surrounding the city spurs an interest in the city’s real estate, bringing investors and new jobs, which results in more people flocking to Miami.

Developers have taken note and are creating new residential buildings downtown, which re-energizes the city. People love the excitement and many are moving to Downtown Miami because this revitalization of the city.

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