How to Get a Home Appraised for Its Maximum Value

by Isaac Benmergui, Esq on April 5, 2013

Falling money and house high-res-xxlThe right appraisal allows your home to be listed at a higher price. You’ll want a licensed appraiser (who is not always your real estate agent) to provide the estimate of the market value of your home. When you home is appraised for its maximum value, it l enables you to get the highest amount of equity from your home.

Before you ask an appraiser to value your home, the following is a list of things you can do to present a well-maintained and clean property, which will add value to the appraisal:

  • Needed repairs. Are there little things that need fixing? Maybe bathroom or kitchen tile needs some grouting or there are a few carpet stains?
  • Make a list of the homes nicer features. Have you done a kitchen remodel? Added a patio? Replaced the windows? Call attention to anything you’ve improved so the appraiser takes note.
  • Yard maintenance. Make certain your lawn and landscaping are neat, even in the backyard. Plant flowers if possible, rack up leaves and remove debris.
  • Touchup paint, fix small flaws. Are your window screens clean and without holes? Touch up interior and exterior paint, oil squeaky doors, tighten loose hinges.
  • Do away with clutter. Toys, bikes, garden hoses, tools and exterior items should be put away. Tackle indoor clutter as well. In the kitchen put away small counter appliances that are not needed on a day to day basis. Clean out closets and make them neat.
  • Pay attention to the entrance. The front door is the welcome mat to your home, so put a fresh mat out. Buy potted plant and hang it from a hook near the front door to make the home appear inviting and warm.
  • Wash or dry clean window treatments, clean windows. Dust accumulates on the tops of draperies and window treatments, which buyers with a keen eye will notice.

Getting Legal Help

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