South Florida Property Values Up 11%

by Isaac Benmergui, Esq on May 22, 2013

Copy of goodnewsSouth Florida property values continue to rise and are now up 11 percent over last year at the same time, according to Standard and Poor’s Case-Shiller real estate index.

Although this is good news for current homeowners looking to sell, buyers are less than enthusiastic about the news as they struggle to find available properties for sale. Some buyers search for months before finding a property that meets their ideals or even needs. When they do find a property, buyers can expect an aggressive bidding war that often leaves them paying more than they expected or losing the war to buyers with deeper pockets.

Real estate investors aren’t helping matters. Market analysts cite them as responsible for the current rise in home values, due to their buying homes and then instead of offering them up for sale put them up for rent instead, thereby decreasing inventory and making the market more competitive.

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