New Miami Tower Missing (Not So) Crucial Element?

by Isaac Benmergui, Esq on June 28, 2013

MiamiA new 37-story tower in downtown Miami is missing something that may not be so crucial with dwellers in major metropolitan areas. The parking garage.

Urban dwellers that use mass transit, bikes or walking to get around are shunning cars in favor of greener choices to get to their destinations and saving tons of money in the meantime.

Parking cars in downtown areas is pricey, just ask any Manhattanite that pays to keep their car parked in a neighborhood garage. On top of the parking there is the usual maintenance and insurance, which alone is sky high in major cities.

When city dwellers want to travel by car, it is cheaper to rent one for the trip than to own a car outright, and some cities even allow people to rent a car by the hour as one Miami business “Car2Go” is doing.

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