3 Important Things to Do Before Signing a Lease

by Isaac Benmergui, Esq on August 22, 2013

MiamiBefore you sign that apartment lease, you need to make sure of a few things. The aesthetics might be beautiful and the location close to all the amenities you want, but it is always wonderful, all the time? Are some days and times worse than other for neighborhood appeal? Some investigation is in order before you signed on the dotted line and commit yourself for more than a year to a potential nightmare.

  • Drive through the area at different times and ask friends if they know the area well. Weekend nights and day will be different than weekday nights and days. Roll down the windows and listen for sounds they you may find annoying.
  • Look at the property and the surrounding properties. Are all well-maintained? The apartment will probably look sparkling when the landlord wants to rent it out. Ask about regular pest control measures. Be wary if the landlord says there has never been a pest problem. Even the best of properties will have them from time to time.
  • Research the landlord. Google the name and look for scams and complaints. You can also check property records to make sure who actually owns the property. Also, ask about the maintenance staff; it’s better to have a 24/7 maintenance person on location for emergencies, which do happen on occasion.

You may not own the property, but this will be your home that you are bound by a legal agreement to live in for at least a year. Make certain it is a pleasant place that you want to come home to.

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