The Right Appraisal Makes the Difference

by Isaac Benmergui, Esq on September 17, 2013

With Miami real estate values on the rise, you want to make certain that your home is presented in the best light to maximize its appraised value. Although many real estate agents offer an appraisal service, it’s best to hire a license appraiser who specializes in estimating your home’s market value.

Before you hire an appraiser, however, you’ll want to walk through your property, inside and out and make a list of items that need updating and repaired.

Inside your home:

Take note of dingy paint, nicks in the wall, bathroom and kitchen tiles that are broken or need new grout. Check any carpet you have for spots, rips or loose areas. Replace old screens or paint them. Check doors for squeaks and loose hinges. Check all cupboard doors for the same.

Outside your home: 

Walk around your property and make notes of yard maintenance that needs to be done. Clean up debris and move trash cans and containers to the back or side. Remove clutter of toys, garden hoses, bikes and anything else that could be put away or stored. Make note of paint touches up needed. Trim bushes and make landscaping look neat and orderly. What does the entrance to the property look like? Is it inviting? The front door should look clean and bright. If possible plant flowers near the front door in the landscaping or pots.

If your home looks inviting to the appraiser, it will look inviting to prospective buyers. After you finish your initial walk through, have a friend or relative come over and tell you what they see. Sometimes a more objective eye is needed as we often overlook things we see everyday.

Getting Legal Help

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