Real Estate Law Can’t Do Anything for Casper, the Friendly Ghost

by Isaac Benmergui, Esq on December 12, 2013

You’d be surprised and at the same time not surprised, but many times homeowners will inquire about a house that might be, well…haunted. It’s a purely relevant question. Ask yourself if you would want to buy a house basically built on top of a burial ground. Can you say “bad karma”? It’s no joke that homeowners will often shy away from such properties.

It’s unfortunate, though, that there are no laws requiring agents, brokers and sellers to have to disclose such Casperinformation to buyers. What does that mean? If a homeowner asks — and these days, that question is getting more and more prevalent, seemingly each day — the seller or agent can look that homeowner dead in the face and practically ‘lie.’ Paranormal activity is not a valid enough factor in determining the sale and viability of a property. Maybe in the movies, that is — but not in real life.

However, that doesn’t stop a buyer from having ways to find out whether a property is haunted or not. A simple sit-down session with the Internet can reveal a ton of information as you go sites like, typing in the address, and finding out all the history about whichever person, pet or other living thing had died in whatever room — or even the backyard — in the house. Even reports of strange noises can be discovered through research on the Internet. So it won’t stop a homeowner from quickly saying ‘no’ to a house, even if a seller or agent insists that the house is perfectly fine.

You might be a certain paranormal investigator, though, with the belief that the love for a house shouldn’t be turned away just because of a ghost or two. Ghosts can be ‘negotiated’ with, believe it or not. To shake up this industry even more, there are businesses out there providing such services of “paranormal investigation and negotiation.” The Ghostbusters would be proud, wouldn’t you say?

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