Working Together for the Greater Good: the American Real Estate Investors Academy and Legal Shield

by Isaac Benmergui, Esq on January 6, 2014

It always delivers a warm fuzzy feeling when partnerships occur to help bolster the success of overcoming the financial challenge of constant legal fees required landlords and real estate investors. I won’t make any bones about it: transactions in this industry can cost an arm and a leg. Thankfully, though, a little academy of sorts called the “American Real Estate Investors Academy” has just partnered with a major legal insurance provider entitled “Legal Shield,” offering coverage to investors in their cause to learn how to make money in real LegalShieldestate.

Why is this such a big deal? Simple. It’s that legal insurance provision allowing members of the academy to pursue those real estate deals and have a resource available to pay for any legal fees incurred. In essence, the American Real Estate Investors Academy isn’t just an academy anymore, emphasizing education, but an institution championing the drive toward stimulating this real estate economy and developing leaders and entrepreneurs in the industry to advance it toward some form of prosperity.

The program works in such a way that club members can utilize the low monthly rates, typically involved in insurance, to cover all that legal work required. The best part? It’s apparently free to be a member.

You have an interest in the American real estate market? Their door is open. And consequently, your option to have this insurance policy, albeit with the typical monthly premium, is available, practically financing your way to being a top-notch real estate mogul.

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