Why False Property Liens Can Get You in Trouble With the Government

by Isaac Benmergui, Esq on January 30, 2014

There should be a sign at just about every street in every city in every state stating that you should not try to scam the government into property liens just because the IRS wants money. It should be an unwritten rule, really. Some people never learn, though, that when it comes to real estate law, trying to circumvent collection of taxes owed to the IRS or sidestepping collection of a fraudulent refund by filing multiple liens against those government officials. Were they trying to start a financial brush fire?business fraud

This is the case with Teresa Marie Marty, Charles and Victoria Tingler of Placerville, CA, facing an indictment from a federal grand jury charging them with fraud over the filing of massive multimillion dollar liens against various government entities. We all know what a property lien is – and when it’s filed wrongfully, there might be a problem.

Can you imagine some of these government officials showing up at their houses to see property liens declared on their abodes? That’s a lot of money to pony up, and the sad thing is this: they’re all fraudulent. Apparently, Marty sought to avoid her taxes by filing these liens on several employees of the IRS, plus liens totaling up to $84MM against two Justice Department lawyers for a lawsuit against her regarding an attempt to prepare enjoined tax returns. The Tinglers became involved as they were clients of Marty’s own business, filing false tax returns; of course, the IRS picked up the fraudulent activity and sought to obtain the money up until the Tinglers filed their own liens against that one IRS revenue officer.

Bear in mind, though, that this indictment is merely nothing more than an allegation, but for sure it’s a serious one, expectedly backed up by evidence if you can imagine. If convicted, Marty and the Tinglers could face literally up to five years in prison for conspiracy to defraud the entire United States. I guess they had it coming.

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