Questions You Should Ask at a Home Showing

by Isaac Benmergui, Esq on December 19, 2016

Questions You Should Ask at a Home ShowingIt’s easy to just go along for the ride at a home showing or open house. After all, you wouldn’t be seeing the home in person if you didn’t think you might want to live there. But don’t go into autopilot. Keep these questions in mind as you tour a home or attend an open house.

General Questions

It’s a good idea to ask the age of appliances, and inquire specifically about which ones are staying. Take notes during your showing or open house—if you get to the contract stage and those items are not included in writing, you’ll want to ask about them. This includes other items on the property, too, like above-ground pools or hot tubs, storage sheds, or swing sets.

Flooring should also get the third-degree, especially carpet. Ask about the subfloor and find out if linoleum or carpet is covering up any problems like foundation cracks or rotten wood. Any new additions or conversions should have proper permitting or it could hold up the sale. Ask how often any the systems in the home have been serviced, and ask for records and utility bills for the past two years. You can also ask if they will be covered by a home warranty.


Don’t rely on the measurements in the listing or from the agent. Many times these are handed down from previous listings and so mistakes are, too. Ask for permission to measure rooms and be sure that your items will fit if you have anything oversized or odd-shaped.


Don’t be afraid to turn on the faucets and let the water run to get a sense of the water pressure, any leaking pipes, blocked drains, or knocking sounds. Also look for signs of water damage and mold, such as discoloration around walls, cabinets, or baseboards. New paint in the bathroom is sometimes a sign that the owner is trying to conceal discolorations, but not always.

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