How to Find a Good Buyer’s Agent

by Isaac Benmergui, Esq on June 13, 2017

buyer's agentIt might seem that home sellers face the most risk in a home purchase. After all, they only have one shot at getting the most out of their purchase as possible. But, after the sale they have no liability. Homebuyers are liable for their purchase for the next 30 years or until they sell, so you could argue that they have the most to lose. That’s why its essential to have someone looking out for your interests as a home buyer, even if you know your potential buying area well and don’t need help house hunting.

There are several levels of assistance you can seek when buying a home. First, there are real estate agents. They are simply anyone who has passed your state’s real estate licensing exams. Next, there are Realtors, which are real estate agents who have also completed ethics courses and exams and have made a commitment to uphold the ethics standards of the National Association of Realtors. Next is a CNE-certified agent, which is a real estate agent who has undergone a negotiation training process.

Another option is a real estate attorney. Did you know an attorney could represent you in a real estate transaction? Real estate attorneys are perfect for your average home sale, and essential for any kind of specialized home transaction, such as a land purchase, commercial real estate purchase, foreclosure or short sale. These transactions represent unusual risks and need more than the standardized paperwork used at most home sales.

No matter what kind of professional you use, always seek references and ask how they heard about them.

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