Does Renters’ Insurance Cover Bedbugs?

by Isaac Benmergui, Esq on July 11, 2017

bed bugsThe summer vacation season is also high season for something not nearly as much fun as traveling or lounging on the beach: Bedbugs. Where could you get bedbugs? Travelers often bring them home from hotels, hostels, or friends’ houses.

If you come home from a vacation and infect your apartment with bedbugs, you’ll find it’s your responsibility to remediate them in most states. In addition, renters’ insurance won’t cover the cost of extermination or the cost of replacing the items you lost to bedbugs.

One benefit to living in Florida, however, is that you can ask your landlord to exterminate bedbugs, and the landlord is required by law to do so, regardless of where they came from. Florida and Maine are the only two states that allow this protection for renters.

Damage caused by bedbugs is considered an upkeep issue precisely because they can be brought in from outside, and aren’t usually the result of an infestation. If your landlord has not made an effort to maintain the property in a way that would deter bedbugs and haven’t exterminated at your request, you still can’t file a renters’ insurance claim. Instead, you’ll have to sue either the landlord or the management company.

Bedbugs spread quickly and are hard to get rid of, so if you find them, you’ll have to act promptly to get it under control. Bedbugs generally leave bites in groups on three on parts of your body that are exposed while you sleep, such as ankles, arms, and near waistbands. They also leave dirt-like specs in the sheets overnight.

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