South Florida Toughens Stance on Homes Driving Down Property Values

by Isaac Benmergui, Esq on February 5, 2012

Trash heaps, and broken windows and fences give neighborhoods an unsightly appearance as they drive down property values. In the past, when an abandoned property required maintenance and repairs, a lien was placed on the property. Given the number of abandoned or foreclosed homes in South Florida; however, expense reimbursement could take years to recover. The growing trend now in West Palm Beach and Palm Beach County is adding the costs to the annual tax bill, which the property owner must pay or face possible property loss.

Given the difficulty of recouping repair costs the old way and the increased pressure on the property owner using the new method, other South Florida communities will more than likely follow suit. Many taxpayers and property owners, who live in the community or near the abandoned properties, see the move in a positive light given the fact that they have been footing the bill for the cleanups.

Getting Legal Help

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