Signs of the Next Miami Real Estate Boom Fuels Complementary Businesses

by Isaac Benmergui, Esq on February 26, 2012

All the signs are pointing to the next big real estate boom for the Miami area. Multi-billion dollar mixed use developments are on the books, more cranes dot the skyline than in the past couple of years and hotels are filling up again. In preparation for an influx of new residents, more tourists, construction workers and permanent employees, companies are hiring.

Jobs in retail, hospitality and social media are opening up along with professional positions, such as those in law, finance, marketing and public relations. The developers want their buildings and services promoted with all the legalities and financing taken care of and they don’t want to wait two weeks for someone to be able to get to it. “Our firm is getting busier as the excitement in the community grows,” says experience real estate attorney Isaac Benmergui, “and we’ve already positioned ourselves to meet the growing demand for services.”

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