South Florida Homeowners Doing More Self-Sales

by Isaac Benmergui, Esq on June 4, 2012

South Florida homeowners are returning to the housing boom practice of skipping the real estate agent and listing their home themselves. Homeowners want to keep that roughly 6 percent agent’s fee for themselves in light of the fact that bidding wars have returned to home buying.

Sellers can even buy sales packages on websites, often for less than $100, that will help them sell their home. Even if the sellers meet with no success immediately, they have very little outlay of cost, so spending a few dollars to save tens of thousands makes sense. The one cautionary piece of advice, however, is from experienced real estate attorneys such as Isaac Benmergui of Miami. “Sellers should still get an attorney to look over any real estate contract to make certain they are not agreeing to more than they intend; they need someone to protect their interests, especially at closing.”

Getting Legal Help

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